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Cobleys Solicitors is rated by The Times as one of the Top 200 Law Firms in the UK. We are one of the largest specialist litigation practices that specialise in Japanese Knotweed law cases and work on a No-Win-No-Fee agreement.

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As a trusted authority in the field of Japanese knotweed law, our Japanese knotweed claim expertise has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Property Mark, and many more established publishing outlets.

Our team of established professionals are experts in dealing with all Japanese knotweed-related issues.

We’re able to:

Help you identify and assess your Japanese knotweed problem

Remove the knotweed from your property

Bring a legal action knotweed claim against those responsible for the invasion on a No-Win-no-Fee basis

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    Meet Our Knotweed Legal Specialist

    Paolo Martini

    Considered one of the country’s leading litigators in Japanese Knotweed Law, our knotweed legal specialist – Paolo Martini – leads a team of expert solicitors who are well versed in Japanese knotweed claims.

    With over 30 years of experience in the field of litigation, Paolo is a proven expert on all Japanese knotweed legal issues. Managed by the acclaimed Cobleys Solicitors, our Japanese Knotweed solicitors have successfully helped a multitude of clients reclaim the costs of removing Japanese knotweed. Check out Paolo’s bio page for an overview of his Japanese knotweed expertise.


    Three days into moving into my new home, August 2018 I found Japanese Knotweed growing in the garden. Angry and upset the Surveyor had not done their paid job properly I contacted Cobley Solicitors. They calmly and professionally advised me of the process moving forward.


    Eight months later my compensation claim was awarded. Knotweed being dealt with and I feel much happier and reassured. I recommend Cobleys to anyone with a Japanese Knotweed problem. It is true I am so much happier now all dealt with.


    Can Our No-Win No-Fee Japanese Knotweed Solicitors Help You win a Japanese knotweed claim?

    Can you make a Japanese knotweed claim?

    If a neighbour has failed to comply with their legal responsibility to prevent their Japanese knotweed from spreading to your property, then you may be able to make a Japanese knotweed claim. When purchasing a new property, if the seller has informed you that knotweed is not present when in fact it is, then you also may be entitled to make a claim and receive compensation from the seller.

    Japanese knotweed in neighbours garden?

    It’s not illegal to allow Japanese knotweed to grow on your land, however, there are laws condemning those that allow an invasive plant to cross from your property onto another’s land.

    Both the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, as well as the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 have been amended over the years to include Japanese knotweed which can cut a house value down by as much as 10%.

    In the event of a neighbour (whether it be an individual or an organisation) allows knotweed to leave their land and enter yours, they will be liable for the costs incurred of you removing the infestation.

    A precedent was laid down for this in 2018. It’s important to note that before a claim can be made for the costs of removal, you will need to formally notify your neighbour of the presence of the knotweed.

    Find out more about the legal implication of having Japanese knotweed by reading our Japanese knotweed UK law guide.

    Bought a house with Japanese knotweed?

    Home Buyer Surveys come in a variety of formats and give prospective buyers the opportunity to learn more about a property that they are considering to buy.

    A correctly undertaken survey should highlight areas of the property that may need work completed, including the presence of knotweed.

    The resultant survey is a legally binding document that carries serious legal implications if incorrectly completed by the surveyor.

    In the case where a surveyor misses Japanese knotweed on the property and you decide to make the purchase, then you may be able to pursue a claim to cover the costs of removing the Japanese knotweed from your land.

    TA6 form incorrectly completed by the property owner?

    Taking the form of a simple questionnaire, the TA6 property form is an 18-page document that is filled out by the property owner and given to prospective buyers.

    The questionnaire includes questions relating to the boundaries of the property, any disputes or complaints relating to the property, as well as the presence of knotweed.

    In the case where a property owner lies about Japanese knotweed affecting the property, you should be able to claim against that property owner.

    When pursuing this kind of claim it’s important that you have a way to contact the previous owner.

    How do no-win no-fee Japanese knotweed claims work?

    If you win your case, then our agreement means that we are entitled to 25% of any rewards you receive as our payment. You keep the remaining 75% of the compensation and are free to spend it as you wish. If you lose your case, then there will be no fees for you to pay. We only ever take on claims that we are confident in winning, which is why we are confident in offering our services on a no-win no-fee basis.

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    Japanese Knotweed Claims FAQs

    What is Japanese knotweed?

    Japanese knotweed (also known as Reynoutria Japonica) is a large species of herbaceous perennial plant of the knotweed and buckwheat family, Polygonaceae. Also commonly known as Asian knotweed, Japanese knotweed is native to Japan, China, and Korea, but has been prevalent in the UK since 1850 when Phillip von Siebold brought over a single female plant.

    Since then, Japanese knotweed has caused dismay for countless homeowners across Europe and North America, as the plant is known for its rapid growth and ability to push through tarmac, concrete and drains – causing severe structural and financial damage to property.

    Why is Japanese knotweed a problem?

    A 2018 study by global infrastructure service firm AECOM and the University of Leeds found there’s “nothing to suggest that Japanese knotweed causes significant damage to buildings” however, co-author Dr Karen bacon of Leeds University stated that “[it] is capable of damaging built structures”.

    This potential to damage buildings is still an issue amongst mortgages lenders that are cautious of the weed draining the property’s value. Even a minor knotweed infestation can knock thousands of pounds of the value of your home and could stop you from being able to sell it.

    The government’s environmental agency states that “you must prevent Japanese knotweed on your land spreading”. Because of this, many Japanese knotweed experts recommend taking a proactive approach by contacting established professionals that can help you identify and remove your knotweed.

    Experienced in all areas of Japanese knotweed identification, removal, and litigation, we are here to help you every step of the way. Call today to find out how we can help with your knotweed invasion – you could be able to recover costs even if you’ve already dealt with your knotweed problem.

    Should you buy a house with Japanese knotweed?

    Buying a house with a Japanese knotweed infestation means you are purchasing a property that requires years’ worth of work that could cost thousands of pounds. A Japanese knotweed infestation can cause the property’s value to fall by 10%. Unfortunately, some property sellers lie about Japanese knotweed, making it crucial to have a cautious approach when considering purchasing a property with knotweed present.

    How do you identify Japanese knotweed?

    Japanese knotweed is found in nearly every 10 square kilometres of the UK. It can spread rapidly and can cause serious damage to the infrastructure of your home, growing through walls, drains and paving.

    Even a minor knotweed infestation can knock thousands of pounds off the value of your home and could stop it from being sold altogether. We can help identify your Japanese knotweed problem so that you can mitigate potential financial losses, or claim compensation from the responsible party.

    Can you claim for Japanese knotweed?

    If Japanese knotweed spreads onto your property due to a negligent neighbour failing to control the plant on their land, you should be able to claim compensation against them. When purchasing property, the seller is required to inform the buyer if there is Japanese knotweed present, or if this is “not known”.

    What are your fees for Japanese knotweed claims?

    If we choose to take on your Japanese knotweed claim then we will do so on a No Win No Fee agreement basis. We pride ourselves on the expert speciality knowledge that we bring to the table when dealing with Japanese knotweed law. Whether we’re dealing with private landowners, landlords, organisations or tenants – we have a complete understanding of where responsibility lies and who is culpable.

    How does your No Win No Fee agreement work?

    Before we agree to take your case on, you’ll sign our agreement which lays out clearly what our responsibilities are as solicitors, and what you are entitled to as our client. We only ever take on claims that we are confident in winning, which is why we’re happy to offer our clients this agreement which often lifts a real weight off their mind. In simple terms, our agreement states that in the likely case that we win your case, we are entitled to 25% of any rewards you receive as our payment. You keep the remaining 75% of the compensation and are free to spend it as you wish.

    What happens if we lose a Japanese knotweed claim case?

    We never take on a case that we don’t believe we can win, so in the unlikely event of us losing your case you will not have to part with any money. There are exceptions to this which include scenarios where you are found to have deliberately mislead us, where your pursuit of the claim is fraudulent, or when you withdraw from the process before it is finished. All of these stipulations are clearly stated in our agreement, which we are happy to talk you through.

    What makes Knotweed Help the best No Win No Fee knotweed solicitors?

    Our expertise in the field, authoritative civil litigators and No Win No Fee agreement make us the sensible choice when looking for a Japanese knotweed solicitor to handle your claim. We can help you through every stage of the process, from identifying your infestation, to investigating its origin, to bringing a claim to those at fault. We offer peace of mind from the start, taking the pressure and hassle of dealing with a Japanese knotweed infestation off your hands and winning you compensation in conjunction with our No Win No Fee agreement.

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