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Mark Montaldo is the leading legal expert in the field of Japanese knotweed law and currently heads the Civil Litigation Department at Cobleys Solicitors Ltd. His reputation as an experienced litigator has been regularly quoted by news publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times and, amongst others, for his informed opinion on the impact and legal implications of Japanese knotweed infestations across the UK.


Mark has a strong history of success achieving significant awards of compensation for his clients, having spent years practicing in legal fields including Industrial Disease and International Litigation cases involving accident and illnesses abroad involving major tour operators and airlines. Now head of his department at Cobleys Solicitors Ltd. in Liverpool, Mark divides his time between leading the UK’s largest housing disrepair legal team, investigating cases of personal data breach and offering legal advice to individuals deal with Japanese knotweed infestations.

With a strong track record for achieving significant awards for his clients, Mark has advised a Parliament Select Committee on the issues facing individuals dealing with Japanese knotweed infestations. He has also been consulted by major publications such as The Express, Liverpool Echo, The Mirror and the NAEA in relation to cases of Japanese knotweed nuisance claims, housing disrepair and serious personal injuries.


Graduating from the University of Leeds with a B.A. in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Law in 2002, Mark went on to study his Bachelor of Laws at Manchester Metropolitan University, before spending over a decade working as a claims solicitor in the field of personal claims. He has over 12 years of litigation experience and believes strongly in providing his clients clear and concise advice throughout the legal process.

About Knotweed Help

Knotweed Help is a trading style of Cobleys Solicitors Ltd, created with the intention of providing clear, practical advice to individuals and organisations deal with Japanese knotweed infestations.

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