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Paolo Martini is the leading legal expert in the field of Japanese knotweed law and is the managing partner and a director of Cobleys Solicitors Ltd. Paolo Martini has spent most of his near 30 year legal career with Cobleys and for over 15 years he has been a partner / director.

About Knotweed Help

Knotweed Help is composed of Japanese knotweed specialists and is a trading style of Cobleys Solicitors Ltd, created with the intention of providing clear, practical advice to individuals and organisations dealing with UK Japanese knotweed infestations.

Japanese Knotweed flowers.

Japanese Knotweed UK Map: Is there Japanese knotweed in my area?

Japanese Knotweed UK distribution map Japanese knotweed is the most pernicious knotweed in the UK as the invasive perenial plant