Japanese Knotweed Solicitors No Win No Fee

We pride ourselves on the expert speciality knowledge that we bring to the table when dealing with Japanese knotweed law. Whether we’re dealing with private landowners, landlords, organisations or tenants – we have a complete understanding of where responsibility lies and who is culpable. If we choose to take on your Japanese knotweed claim then we will do so on a No Win No Fee agreement basis.

How does your No Win No Fee agreement work?

Before we agree to take your case on, you’ll sign our agreement which lays out clearly what our responsibilities are as solicitors, and what you are entitled to as our client. We only ever take on claims that we are confident in winning, which is why we’re happy to offer our clients this agreement which often lifts a real weight off their mind. In simple terms, our agreement states that in the likely case that we win your case, we are entitled to 25% of any rewards you receive as our payment. You keep the remaining 75% of the compensation and are free to spend it as you wish.

What happens if we lose?

We never take on a case that we don’t believe we can win, so in the unlikely event of us losing your case you will not have to part with any money. There are exceptions to this which include scenarios where you are found to have deliberately mislead us, where your pursuit of the claim is fraudulent, or when you withdraw from the process before it is finished. All of these stipulations are clearly stated in our agreement, which we are happy to talk you through.

What makes Knotweed Help the best No Win No Fee knotweed solicitors?

Our expertise in the field, authoritative civil litigators and No Win No Fee agreement make us the sensible choice when looking for a Japanese knotweed solicitor to handle your claim. We can help you through every stage of the process, from identifying your infestation, to investigating its origin, to bringing a claim to those at fault. We offer peace of mind from the start, taking the pressure and hassle of dealing with a Japanese knotweed infestation off your hands and winning you compensation in conjunction with our No Win No Fee agreement.