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Knotweed Help is managed by Cobleys Solicitors: legal experts in cases involving Japanese Knotweed. We understand how this invasive plant can affect a property and have successfully represented clients, helping them to reclaim the costs of removing it from their land.

We can help if you weren’t told about Japanese knotweed on your property when you bought it, or if your surveyor failed to identify it. Our Japanese knotweed solicitors can also assist in cases where the plant has entered from neighbouring property. Thanks to our experience in this field, we can help you make a claim against the person responsible, or represent your interests when defending a Japanese knotweed claim.

Our solicitors could help you make a claim to remove the knotweed in full, repair any damage to your property, and make up for lost market value.

Meet our Expert Japanese Knotweed Solicitors

Paolo is Knotweed Help’s Japanese knotweed legal expert with a legal career that spans over 30 years. Paolo has experience in dealing with complex cases in a wide range of fields, including claims and disputes involving Japanese knotweed. He has successfully managed cases for his clients across the country, always ensuring to put their interests first and taking the necessary time to know a case better than anyone else in the courtroom. 

Paolo MartiniLead Solicitor with 30+ years' experience in civil litigation and Japanese knotweed claims

FAQs About Japanese Knotweed Claims

Japanese knotweed claims can be a complex subject. Here's a few frequently asked questions.

What is Japanese knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is an invasive, fast-growing plant that has been slowly spreading throughout most parts of the UK since its introduction in the late nineteenth-century. Japanese knotweed has a number of physical traits which can be used to identify it such as bamboo-like canes and broad green shield-shaped leaves during the spring and summer. During the winter, the foliage dies back and only brown canes are left above ground, whilst the plant continues to survive underneath. 

Why is Japanese knotweed a problem?

Japanese knotweed is primarily a problem for property owners because of the damage that it has been known to cause to independent structures. This invasive plant is also fast-growing and difficult to eradicate without the assistance of professionals. Japanese knotweed has been recognised by the government as a non-native invasive plant, as such its proper removal and disposal has been enshrined in law. Property owners with land affected by Japanese knotweed must adhere to a number of laws, otherwise, they may face fines or even imprisonment.

What are landowners' obligations?

A landowner’s obligations regarding Japanese knotweed are chiefly to ensure that the plant does not spread beyond the boundaries of their property. It isn’t illegal to allow Japanese knotweed to grow on your land, but allowing it to spread to any neighbouring public or private land could lead to a compensation claim being made against you. When selling property affected by Japanese knotweed, you must be open and honest regarding the history of the plant on your land, even if it has long been eradicated. 

What can you do?

If you’ve found Japanese knotweed that has entered your land from a neighbouring property then you may be able to claim for damages from the owner of the offending land. You should resist the temptation to remove the plant yourself, as this could inadvertently cause the plant to spread further. Seeking specialist advice should be a priority, as this will allow you to gain an understanding of how the infestation started, what you can do to remove it and if you may be able to claim for the costs of removal. 

What are the benefits of joining a group claim?

In cases where Japanese knotweed has spread from one property to a number of other neighbouring properties, it may be in your interest to join a group claim. Pooling evidence from multiple cases can help to build a stronger case and is often the most effective means of ensuring a successful claim.

Who can I claim against?

We can help you claim against the owner of a neighbouring property who has allowed Japanese knotweed to spread onto your land, whether it's an individual or an organisation. You can also claim against someone who has misrepresented or mis-sold a property affected by Japanese knotweed and can also bring a claim against a surveyor who has missed Japanese knotweed during the course of their work.

How can I pay for my claim?

All our claim cases are paid for on a no-win-no-fee basis, ensuring that you will not owe us anything in the unlikely eventuality of not winning compensation. Before we take on your case, you’ll sign an agreement that states when the case is won we are entitled to 25% of any rewards you receive as our payment. The remaining 75% of the compensation is yours to keep. We only take on cases that we are confident in winning.

What can compensation pay for?

Successfully removing knotweed can cost thousands. If your claim is successful the responsible landowner may be ordered to sort out removal themselves or you may be awarded compensation to cover the treatment. Compensation can also cover the cost of repairing any damage already done to your property. In a recent case against Network Rail, the judge also awarded compensation to reflect how much the property value had been affected by the knotweed problem, even once treatment had been carried out. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we’ll fight to get you the best settlement that reflects the full damage done to your property and its future value.

Why choose Knotweed Help?

Our dedicated team of experienced legal professionals understand how to tackle Japanese knotweed claims from start to finish. We have years of experience in this field, as well as professional connections to PCA-accredited treatment firms to ensure that a treatment plan is put in place to remove the Japanese knotweed from your land. Over the years, our experts have provided comments to The Telegraph, The Express, The Independent, The Times and The Guardian to name a few. 

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