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Knotweed Help offers guidance to homeowners and landlords alike on how to deal with a Japanese knotweed infestation. Understanding where one legally stands with UK Japanese Knotweed can be difficult as it’s classed as controlled waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, in addition to being subject to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.

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Knotweed Help explains the legal implications of having Japanese knotweed and then aims to connect their clients with Property Care Association (PCA) accredited removal firms who can provide insurance-backed treatment plans where necessary. Where possible, the solicitors at Knotweed Help will assist their clients in claiming for the costs of the treatment, or even compensation for any damage caused to the value of a property.

Should we choose to take on your Japanese knotweed claim then we would do so on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Learn more about our team of no win no fee Japanese knotweed solicitors.

We also specialise in representing people and companies being sued for allowing Japanese Knotweed to encroach on a neighbour’s land or for failing to disclose the presence of Japanese Knotweed, or failing to spot the Japanese Knotweed at the survey.

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Who We Are

Knotweed Help is a trading style of Cobleys Solicitors, set up with the intention of bridging the gap between those struggling with Japanese Knotweed and the laws that have been put in place to help them.

Knotweed Help is driven by a dedicated team of expert solicitors who have built up years of experience working within a variety of legal industries. The team is led by Paolo Martini, a solicitor with 30 years of high-level legal experience.

As an authority in the field of Japanese knotweed law, we have been consulted by a range of major publications to provide our opinion on matters involving Japanese Knotweed nuisance claims. We’ve provided comments for The Telegraph, The Express, The Independent, The Times and The Guardian, in addition to offering our expert opinion to NAEA, Property Mark and Moneywise.co.uk.

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We’re also happy to share the testimonials of previous clients we’ve worked with, including Barbara’s here:

“Three days into moving into my new home, August 2018 I found Japanese Knotweed growing in the garden. Angry and upset the Surveyor had not done their paid job properly I contacted Cobley Solicitors. They calmly and professionally advised me of the process moving forward.

Eight months later my compensation claim was awarded. Knotweed being dealt with and I feel much happier and reassured. I recommend Cobleys to anyone with a Japanese Knotweed problem. It is true I am so much happier now all dealt with.”

We’ve helped many other clients like Barbara get to the bottom of their Knotweed problems, often securing them sizeable compensation rewards, in addition to setting them up with a treatment firm that can eradicate their infestation and put their minds at ease.

Let us know about how Japanese Knotweed is affecting you and we’ll try our best to find a legal solution to your problem.