Getting Rid Of Japanese Knotweed

By Mark Montaldo on 2nd July 2019 (updated: 19th July 2019) in News

If you’ve correctly identified that you have a Japanese knotweed infestation then you’ll be wanting to find out how to remove the plant from your land.

Is it possible to do it yourself?

Don’t trust any DIY treatment option that promises complete eradication – each method has its own drawbacks.

You can easily find shop bought chemical treatments which use glyphosate to treat small infestations. However treating knotweed yourself is not advised as the process is not only very time consuming, but there is also no guarantee that you’ll be able to complete the job. You will also be unable to obtain a PCA-accredited certificate which will lead to further difficulties should you wish to sell your property. These treatments take a long time to take effect and may end up costing you a lot of money in the long term.

Similarly, you may be tempted to try burning the plant, digging it our or simply shredding it. Whilst all of these options may provide you with a short-term respite from the plant, this will only be temporary. Whilst the plant may appear dead above the surface, underneath the ground its roots will be flourishing and preparing to emerge once more next spring.

Get professional help

Getting your Japanese knotweed problem treated professionally effectively hits two birds with one stone. Japanese knotweed specialists will be able to assess your infestation and lay out a clear strategy to tackle it, as well as offer you an insurance backed guarantee so that banks and lenders will feel comfortable dealing with you. Which form of treatment that you’ll be offered will depend on the severity of your infestation and also the nature of your property.

Digging it out

Japanese knotweed’s rhizome system is the toughest aspect of the plant to tackle. The roots can bury themselves 7ft underground so you’ll need heavy machinery to do the job properly. You’ll also be legally required to responsibly get rid of the plant matter and if you miss the smallest shard your problem will return next season. This is why it’s best to hire a professional team to take responsibility for the work. A PCA-accredited team will be able to operate the necessary machinery involved in digging out the plant and will then have the correct procedures in place to properly dispose of any contaminated waste.

Professional chemical treatment

It is important to make sure that your knotweed removal expert has the necessary certificates/training to get the job done. Many mortgage lenders will not deal with your knotweed infested property unless you have proof that you have had work completed by a PCA accredited company. Professional outfits have access to much stronger chemicals which get the job done quicker and should be able to offer you an insurance backed certificated once treatment has been completed. This certificate will guarantee that the work has completed and will cover you for a stated number of years.

However you choose to tackle your knotweed problem it’s vital that you ascertain where the infestation originated from and how it has affected your property. If it has entered your land from another property, or you’ve just bought a house with Japanese knotweed then you could be able to get the costs of the treatment recovered.

Whether you’ve just discovered knotweed on your land or have a long-term infestation, we can help explain your options and may be able to help you claim for the costs of treatment.

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Mark Montaldo Knotweed Help Solicitors
Mark Montaldo

Mark Montaldo is the lead solicitor for Knotweed Help and has over 12 years of experience in the field of Civil Litigation and has advised a Parliament Select Committee on the legal issues faced by individuals dealing with Japanese knotweed on their land. Now considered one of the country's leading litigators in Japanese knotweed law he works alongside the country’s top barristers and experts. His in-depth legal experience and connections to the Japanese knotweed removal industry make him uniquely suited for handling your case.